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          Life After Treatment
Congratulations!  Your child has finished treatment for pediatric brain and/or spinal cord cancer!  What a relief!  Now what do you do?

Assess the situation.  If your child needs physical or mental therapy be sure to get them enrolled at a facility that is right for him or her.  If your child needs a learning support program in school, meet with the staff at the school responsible for putting that plan together.  If your child has physical disabilities, ensure that the school is equipped to handle those disabilities.

There are other organizations that can help with Life After Treatment issues, such as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  They have an extensive collection of information to help you deal with the newness of surviving pediatric brain cancer.

Survivors can also apply for college scholarships through various organizations.  The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has a scholarship program, as does Kallan's Klan - a Hershey-based charity that offers a scholarship program for pediatric brain cancer survivors.

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Kyla Miller Foundation is a Pennsylvania state registered non-profit organization joining in the fight to end pediatric brain cancer. KMF is named lovingly after
Kyla LeeAnne Miller, a loving and vibrant child who succumbed to glioblastoma multiforme just two days shy of her tenth birthday. 
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