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          Quality versus Quantity of Life
75% - 90% of children with cancer have the hope of being cured from their disease.  Many children with pediatric brain cancer are not so fortunate.  You may have to face the decision of when quality of life versus quantity of life takes priority.  This is a very personal decision between the child and the child's parents.  No one else can make this decision, and no one can advise you on what you should do and how you should handle the decision you make.

Treatment for pediatric brain cancer often comes with debilitating side effects.  Damage can occur with various parts of the brain that control motor coordination and movement, nerve centers, cognitive thinking, hearing, seeing, and so much more.  Paralysis of parts of the body is also a risk in treatment for brain cancer.  Children with tumors in the spinal cord often go through radiation therapy, which can cause damage to the lungs.  Know the possible risks and damage and future of your child when making decisions about medical treatment.  If your child is at a maturity level to help in the decision making process, give him or her that opportunity to be involved.

KMF Co-Founder, Stephanie Miller writes, "We gave the decision to Kyla.  We could have traveled and taken her somewhere else... always looking for something that just might work.  But with glioblastoma being such a tough cancer to fight we knew that our choices were limited and with no guarantee of success.  Kyla decided that she just didn't want to see anymore doctors, didn't want to get poked at anymore, didn't want to take anymore pills or eat a special diet.  And together we all knew that if Kyla couldn't be the person that she was in mind and spirit that heaven was a much better place for her to be."

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Kyla Miller Foundation is a Pennsylvania state registered non-profit organization joining in the fight to end pediatric brain cancer. KMF is named lovingly after
Kyla LeeAnne Miller, a loving and vibrant child who succumbed to glioblastoma multiforme just two days shy of her tenth birthday. 
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